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Our Classes


Become a trained Bharatnatyam dancer with our certified, expert dancers from India, the land of diverse cultures. 


Express yourself through another graceful, feminine form of classical dance, Mohiniyattam, originating from India. 


A dance-drama form of performance arts, Kuchipudi connects with temples, spiritual faiths and traveling bards.

Folk Dance

Enlighten yourself with folk dances from around the world such as Indian, Arabic, Salsa, Ballet, Bhangra & more. 

Cinematic Dance

Indian movies are famous for their dance numbers all across the globe. Join us and get familiar with Bollywood style of dance.

Western Dance

Learn Aerobics, Zumba, break-dance, hip-hop, contemporary and street-style dance forms originating from around the world.

Vocal Music

Enhance your vocal skills with our trained singers who are well-versed in Carnatic Music, Bhajans,  and Movie songs. 

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Learn to play an instrument of your choice and grow your list of skills with our guitar, violin, keyboard and mridangam classes. 

Drawing & Painting

Bring out the artist in you as you master the art of making caricature and cartoons, oil, water and glass painting and more. 

Gama Abacus Academy

Gama Abacus Academy

Boost your brainy skills with abacus, mental arithmetic and memory technique programs that will surely enhance your academic proficiency.

Art and Craft Classes

Art & Craft

Kalamandalam offers various techniques of art and crafts including paper craft, vegetable carving and embossing, besides several others.

Preserving Cultures Since 2002

Kalamandalam Music and Dance Centre strives to preserve and portray different cultures residing in the UAE and enrich the cultural life of the community through music and dance, primarily.

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What People Say About Us...

" Very well trained teachers. Highly recommended for Bharatanatyam, drawing, carnatic music.  "

Ruchi Khemka 

" Kalamandalam is appreciated by almost everybody who becomes a part of it. I am proud to be a part too! "

Shanti Karthik 

" Indian folk dances seemed difficult to learn until I joined Kalamandalam. Now I am fully-trained in Bharatnatyam. "

Sakshi Khanna

" This institute has experts who taught me to play the keyboard in a very short time. Highly recommended. "

Jonathan Luke

" I wanted to learn origami and oil   painting. The teachers are very skilled and creative. I am happy to join! "

Reem Suhail 

" I love the hip-hop sessions here and surpisingly, I lost a few kilos too. Their Zumba is also great."

Alexa Ferguson

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